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Well, this is my first beer review on the site and I don't want to sound like a complete wanker (the use of that word should now be confined to Parliamentary officers working for the Liberal Party, in any case).

So, when you first pour Brisbane-made Hawaiian Haze you are a little worried. Why? Because it is very hazy. No transparency at all. If you've got an ugly mate sitting opposite you, you won't see him through the glass ... so that's a bonus.

Anyway, next thing is first guzzle. Well, that wasn't too bad at all. A hot autumn afternoon after a game of golf (I hit a century, which isn't good) and the Haze was going down very nicely.

The tasting notes from the brewers is: "Pineapple juiciness, Hoppy and Citric". And, I actually thinks that's pretty close to the mark. I would describe it as a summer beer, although it is now autumn in the southern hemisphere. The juicy taste is thirst quenching and you pretty well want another after the first.

I recently tried a smoked beer from Bamberg in Germany (Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier) and Hawaiian Haze is its complete opposite. That was just a plug for my next review that you shouldn't miss - on my smoked beer experience.

For those that really need to know, the hops used by the brewery were citra, rakau, pacifica, mosiac. The malts were pale, rolled oats, rolled wheat. The alcohol content is 4.6%.

BringBEER verdict: 8/10 ... GO get it

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