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About Us



We're just a few blokes from Sydney, Australia who reckon we have something worth sharing.

We don't claim to be smarter than any of you, nor do we claim to have better taste.

But, hell, if the Kardashians and their ilk can make shitloads of money from being themselves, then why can't we aspire to getting a few likes on our own website? And, maybe something for free occasionally (not that we're begging).

We've been drinking beer since school days, enjoying whisky for not quite that long, travelling heaps and have developed opinions about just about every bloody thing. If you want advice we will give it (but please don't sue). Oh, and we love sport. During the Australian winter you can find us most weekends watching the South Sydney Rabbitohs rugby league team (well, the smart ones at least).


BringBitz Blokes

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