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BILL WATT discovers chocolate and beer do mix after all.

OK I love beer. I also love chocolate. Toffee is delicious. I'm a bit partial to honeycomb. So it's no surprise I've fallen for a beer that shares some genetics with the classic Violet Crumble Bar.

Yes. You heard me right. A beer genetically linked to Violet Crumble. Called Crumblicious Honeycomb and Toffee Stout (I know the name is bloody twee), it is actually a fabulous winter drink.

Trying this beer was a no-brainer for me after I spotted it at the local Liquorland store. The name, the artwork on the can with its abstract bow to Violet Crumble and the fact it was stout and winter had well and truly arrived all played along with my memory of grabbing the Hoadley's Violet Crumble Bar bag at Sydney's Royal Easter Show as a kid.

So, no sooner had I read the packaging than it was in the bag and was heading home with me.

Crumblicious is produced by Victorian craft brewers Dainton in Carrum Downs using local organic cacao, homemade candi sugar and, they say, "a love of chocolate bars".

It pours beautifully, just like a good stout should, with a nice black body and creamy golden head.

Once poured, I was eager to get stuck in. As the first mouthful was approaching I got a rich beautiful aroma, a bit like an espresso with a shot of vanilla. Nice. The taste was even better. It really does have hints of toffee and honeycomb coming through, as well as the rich chocolate/coffee flavour associated with strong weighty stouts.

This little baby comes in at a generous 7.1 per cent in alcohol terms so be a little careful. Helping you with this is the fact it is quite pricey - $24 a 355ml four-pack, so take it easy.

Now, what's the worst thing about this great beer? It's left me with a real hankering for a genuine Violet Crumble Bar. I am on the hunt!

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