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With coronavirus a worldwide scourge, most people around the world have been unable to visit a pub. In Sydney, Australia, we have been luckier than most, but up until recently we couldn't even stand at the bar to enjoy our beer.

But, hey, the dreaded virus doesn't stop us all from reminiscing about the great pub times we've had.

So, I decided to let you all know about my favorite pub. No, it's not a local Aussie pub. It's not even Scottish (where I was born). Surprise, surprise, it's a Pommy (English to non Aussies; Sassenach to Scots) establishment.

The George Inn in Eton, just over the footbridge from Windsor, and a five minute walk from Windsor Castle, is a 300-year-old advertisement for English pub culture that specialises in local beers from the Windsor & Eton Brewery.

My wife and I stayed at the pub (we slept in a very comfortable guest room not the bar, with a view of Windsor Castle's towers) for a week in November 2019, and what a week it was.

We ate, slept, socialised and drank at The George and every moment was thoroughly comfortable and enjoyable.

Before we get to the important part - the beer - I must mention the breakfast. Wow. The full English breakfast was a feast that alone made the stay worthwhile. Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomato, sausage, black pudding, baked beans and toast - washed down with a pot of fine English Breakfast tea.

Now, to the important bit ... the BEEEEEEEER.

Well, it didn't let the side down. I tried most, possibly all, of the range of Windsor & Eton beers on tap.

My favorite was Father Thames premium bitter, a delicious traditional bitter. (Plonker alert ... snooty beer review nonsense coming!!!) It has a sweet, fruity aftertaste with a hint of plum coming through. 4.8% alcohol. 8.5 out of 10.

Next best was Conqueror Black IPA. This was my first black IPA, but it left me questioning how it could be classified as an IPA at all. More like a porter than IPA, it was quite sweet with a lovely coffee aftertaste.%5 alcohol. 8 out of 10.

Now the most unique of the Windsor & Eton beers on tap was one called Jam Sandwich Ale. It was literally made from jam and bread! It was brewed by Windsor & Eton in cooperation with jam maker Tiptree and Toast Ale (a not-for-profit set-up which takes bread going to waste and uses it to make craft beer). And, it definitely has a first-time taste of strawberry jam. After that initial flavour bomb, the traditional beer taste takes over, but it remains sweet and fruity. Not a beer for a session but an interesting experiment. 4% alcohol. 7 out of 10.

On another note, I should let you know that my wife enjoyed several excellent Aperol spritzes while I downed the George's fine ales.


So, that's my Best Pub, what's yours? Visit the BringBitz's Forum to let us know.

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